Children in Kindergarten at a Waldorf Steiner School

What is Steiner/Waldorf Education?

Steiner/Waldorf education is based upon the studies of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian educator and philosopher. Steiner called his research into human nature and development, anthroposophy, “wisdom of the human.” Steiner/Waldorf teachers, inspired by anthroposophy’s core idea that every person consists of a “body, soul, and eternal spirit,” help children to relate what they learn intellectually to their emotions and to their will.

Steiner/Waldorf class teachers continue with a class from one year to the next taking the same group from class one to class eight. Other teachers may be responsible for special subjects, but close relationships develop between class teachers, students and their families providing a kind of consistency and stability that is rare in other settings. For Steiner/Waldorf teachers, teaching is not a job, it is service.

In a Steiner/Waldorf School, dramatic, visual, musical, and movement arts, along with practical skills such as woodworking, weaving, sewing, and gardening, are integrated with traditional academic subjects. This is why Steiner/Waldorf schools are known for educating the whole human being – head, heart, and hands.

Utilizing our adapted Waldorf curriculum, our teachers strive for a comprehensive understanding of each child through conscious and careful study. Students are regarded as whole human beings first and foremost, with intact spirits that are capable of learning, accomplishment, social interaction, and social relationships.

In a Waldorf classroom, such things as beautiful art, fresh flowers, and vibrant colours combine to create a warm and loving environment where learning occurs in a predictable and rhythmical manner. Literature, drama, art, music, and free play nurture young imaginations and bodies.

If you are unfamiliar with Steiner/Waldorf education, please feel free to access some of the information on the links page, or come to visit a working Steiner school.

The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, 213 Wonga Rd, Warranwood holds regular information mornings during the year.  Please contact the school for more details.  Phone: 98762633

The school also holds its annual Fair and Open day in November. This is a great opportunity to get the feel of a Steiner school, take a tour, see examples of class work and experience the vibrant community life.

Bear in mind, however, that this is a regular Steiner school, not a special school. However, the philosophy, feel and content of the curriculum are the same as that which we want to create.

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