Paints waiting courtesy of Rudolph Steiner School


We anticipate incorporating mainstream therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and speech therapy with other therapeutic approaches, some of which one might find in a typical Steiner school. These may include:

Art Therapy

Art therapy works with colour, form, light and darkness, and the imagination.

  • Watercolour can help bring movements and flow to a child and can enhance inner flexibility
  • Social painting can help a child who is too self-focused by providing an opportunity to observe and interact with another person as they create pictures together
  • Drawing is helpful for a child who needs to strengthen boundaries, and develop observation and discernment skills, bringing clarity and focus to their thoughts, words, and actions

Art as a subject, however, is integrated into the daily activity of each classroom.

Therapeutic Eurythmy

Eurythmy is an art of expressive movement that can be described as visible speech and song. Eurythmy enlarges and transforms movements into a coherent language performed by the whole body, especially the arms and legs. For artistic eurythmy to become therapeutic, the gestures are modified and intensified. Repeated practice stimulates healing life forces, restores balance, and can correct constitutional problems

Music Therapy

Music therapy helps initiate essential change in body integration, balance in breathing and movements, and the awakening of motivational direction. With a large range of instruments, music therapists vary tone, intervals, rhythms, mirrored tone sequences, and movement supported sound patterns. Music therapy is performed with individual students or in small groups. Group therapies are offered to support language development, auditory focus, and muscle tone.

Colour Light Therapy

Colour, movements, music, and speech together create a therapy that is calming, harmonizing, or stimulating. Natural light is channelled through coloured glass and illuminates a translucent screen. Movements take place between the light source and the screen, producing an ever changing display of coloured shadows synchronized with music and speech. This therapy harmonizes sense impressions with the breathing process, alleviating restlessness and emotional stress. A quality of peace and harmony is created.

Horseback Riding Therapy

Horseback riding and animal care are therapies that promote physical and psychological well-being. Therapeutic riding exercises integrate the movement of the child with that of the horse and specific exercises promote the development of gross motor skills, balance, rhythmic movement, hand-eye coordination, laterality, spatial awareness, and more. In addition, the emotional well-being of the child is fostered through the warmth of the human-animal bond.

School Doctor/Nurse

The school will have a medical consultant that works with naturopathy, homeopathy and nutrition to help balance and nurture the physical needs of our students. They may also prescribe or facilitate therapeutic massages or baths.

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