– FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS (ages 7- 13) & FAMILIES


For the first time in Australia, the Tobias School, in association with Barbara Baldwin, hosted a unique 3 day residential camp in early April 2015, in the lovely grounds of Brittania Park in Wesburn near Yarra Junction.

There are four parts to this program:

1. for children with special needs

2. for teachers in training who care for the children

3. for parents who receive nurturing, skills and support

4. for the brothers and sisters

Here are a few pictures from our recent camp:

IMG_0099 IMG_0135 IMG_0114 IMG_0167

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The following are verses and songs from this year’s Mignon

AM Circle:

The sun with loving light

Makes bright for me each day

The soul with spirit power

Brings strength into my limbs

In sunlight shining clear

I reverence, oh God, the strength of human-kind

That thou so graciously, has planted in my soul

That I, with all my might, may love to work and learn

From thee comes light and strength

To thee rise love and thanks

Autumn verse

Autumn’s come today, Autumns come today

Bells are ringing, birds are singing,

Autumns come today, Autumns come today

Apple Tree

Shake, shake, shake the apple tree,

Apples red and rosy

Shake, shake, shake the apple tree,

Apples red and rosy

One for you, one for me

Shake, shake, shake the apple tree

Blow blow the leaves away,

Windy, windy weather,

Blow blow the leaves away,

Windy, windy weather,

Stack the corn, in the barn,

Now, now it’s Autumn Time

Evening Circle:

Shalom, chaverim

Shalom, chaverim,
Shalom, chaverim,
Shalom, shalom;
Shalom, shalom.

*”l’hitra’ot” is literally “until seeing each other [again]”

Autumn Crown

Autumn crown we are weaving,

We weave the Autumn crown,

And we are all weavers,

We weave the Autumn crown

Oh how lovely…

Oh how lovely is the evening, is the evening,

When the bells are sweetly ringing, sweetly ringing

Ding dong, ding dong x 2 (fade)

Evening verse

Our play, our work, our song

Lives in us like a light

We carry it along

Until the stars shine through the night

And now it is time to say, goodnight


Goodnight to you all

Goodbye/night to you all, and sweet be your dreams

May silence surround you, your slumbers be deep

Good night, good night, good night.