Lemon Meringue Sky by Elise Kennedy

Our Idea

Our vision is to create a farm based special school, within 45 minutes of central Melbourne, based on Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf curriculum. Each child will have the opportunity to participate in archetypal farm life and will be immersed in nature. We strongly believe that this contact with the natural world is essential for the healthy development of all children.

Melbourne has long needed a substantial alternative to mainstream government special schools. While teachers and staff are usually well intentioned and often wonderful, schools have a tendency to recreate an institutional type of form, where the unique individuality and capacity of each child is lost and where the opportunity to build community is too hard.

Families of children with special needs are often fragile, need a mutually supportive community around them and wise, practical guidance when they meet the many challenges that confront them. Our children need to be honoured, understood, nurtured and loved.

We want to create an extended family like school community-for as the old adage goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Steiner/Waldorf education is well established in Victoria, with three K-12 schools, four primary/middle schools, multiple state school streams such as at Collingwood College and East Bentleigh Primary and several independent kindergartens. Special education is the missing link that we hope to fill.

Waldorf Schoolroom